Soul in the Machine

Who says machines lack soul? This year’s headliner is nationally acclaimed Soul in the Machine, who creates progressive cutting-edge soulful electronic music using visually stunning one-of-kind, state-of-the-art, sculpted-steel instruments infused with LEDs and lasers. The aural-visual combination amplifies and illuminates dance floors causing audiences to be thrilled and incredibly satisfied.

The band’s creators, St(br)ainless and Mr. Technology, built the ultimate music experience in order to enrich the modern music scene so that it is more than just a DJ pushing buttons on a computer.

Awestruck is how people feel when they see the instruments St(br)ainless and Mr. Technology built. St(br)ainless used his stainless steel sculpting skill to construct Soul in the Machine’s organic, psychedelic, futuristic shape, which includes tree-like stage designs, DNA inspired helixes, and an alien-esque drum set. Mr. Technology used his keen engineering skills to infuse the robotronic instruments with circuits, controllers, lights, and lasers.

Soul in the Machine brings the eccentricities of the Blue Man Group and other larger than life Vegas spectaculars to dance floors that yearn for the very best in house, techno, and trance. Diverging from a future where human souls are drained by technological gizmos, together, St(br)ainless, Mr. Technology, Nucci, Sarah, Oya, and Chrysta Bell put the “Soul” in the Machine.

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