2010 Pink Party Contributing Artists from the San Diego Visual Artists Guild


Mark Jesinoski
Mark Jesinoski is an artist, gallery director, philanthropist, and advocate for the local arts. As an artist Mark works in large scale oil/acrylic paintings to capture the intricacies of the human search for identity, relationships, and meaning, as well as developing an entire abstract series (Aquaticus) focused on the organic movements, colors, and expressions of underwater scenes. Mark's work in human form and figure is full of movement, large, expressive brush strokes, and a complex interplay of content designed to capture the intricacies of human emotional and relational expression. Mark often works from start to finish in one sitting. Therein, his work reflects a mindfulness-based practice, while conscientiously working toward harmony in content, contrast, and composition. Mark's work, at once complex and simple, challenges viewers to look beyond art as image or content, and to see a deeper process that transcends the work itself. Please Enjoy.


Jenifer Broomberg
Jenifer Broomberg is a representational artist who communicates powerful emotion through her work. She is both a painter and sculptor, commenting on the human experience, beauty and emotion.

Born and raised in South Africa, she studied art from a very young age, later majoring in art at high school and studying with the renowned South African artist, Bill Ainslee. She immigrated to the United States at the age of 22 where she continued her art education at the University of Houston and the Glassel School of Art in Houston and began exhibiting her art and teaching. She has exhibited her work extensively and has been represented by several galleries in California, Texas and the East Coast for the past 20 years.

  Adelaide Marcus
"Adelaide’s Art varies from fine line pen & ink drawings to expansive paintings swirling with vibrancy. Her images contain stories and journeys filled with meaning, many that may relate to you. Her home is an art gallery well adapted to filling in empty wall space as her paintings find new homes to brighten. All Adelaide’s art pieces are available for viewing and purchase. Both prints and originals are accessible at various sizes and price ranges. Contact her with your interests on particular pieces. She can enlighten you with background concepts, availability, size and more."
  Dennis Covey
“I have worked with the human form in my commercial photography and fine art studies for more than 40 years. Sculpting the human physique with light is what I do for two dimensional media. Just as photography captures light on a subject in an instant as imagery, lifecasting captures a physique at a moment in time in three dimensional media. I tune in to the sculpture in ways that I can't with my two dimensional work. When sanding and finishing a piece it vibrates and resonates and sings creating a physical bond. My creative life is blessed with a wonderful balance of artistic expression utilizing state of the art technology for the realization of my personal vision in imagery and casting techniques dating back to the ancient egyptians resulting in sculpture.”

If you would like to contact any of the artists please go to the San Diego Visual Artists Guild website.


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